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Ten Tors – Training Day 2 Report 19th November 2011

Posted in: 10 Tors, Latest News on Monday, November 21st, 2011

Ten Tors Training Walk 2 – Bellever Tor area

The second Ten Tors training walk took place on Saturday 19th November around Bellever Tor.

A highly motivated bunch turned up at school at 8am on Saturday morning, although there was some confusion about the whereabouts of Tom Gosson, Laura Samways and Amy Stevens. As we waited at school waiting for them to arrive, Mr Deane gradually remembered that he had passed them at the Beacon Heath shops, and vaguely remembered saying something about us picking them up…..20 minutes later…….!

Once we had arrived at Postbridge (our lateness allowing Mr Farmer to finish this month edition of Horse and Hound), we set off on a 16km/10.5 mile route which took in Bellever Tor, Laughter Tor and some fabulous views during the few breaks in the cloud.

The group were again operating as a really tight unit, and have really stepped up to the mark in terms of navigation. By the end of the day the staff were definitely being led by the group, with everybody within the group taking their turn to lead in well-motivated fashion. An excellent training day all round, so well done team.

Students present were: Louise Hambrook, Amy Stevens, Laura Samways, Tom Gosson, Ben Tucker, Stuart Pendle, Brett Booth and Joe Atkins. We look forward to welcoming back our absentees from the weekend who couldn’t make it: Kieran Smith, Matt Stuart, Sam Worth and Laura Hayward.

Next training walk – North Moor area, weekend of 10th/11th December.

Student reports below

Ten Tors training was pretty fun and quite challenging. People slipping was funny, Ben tucker slipped and fell backwards into the mud, everybody laughed. We walked a long way and got quite tired by the end but everybody made it, and everyone helped the people that needed it.
By Stuart Pendle
On Saturday 20th November we had our second ten tors walk. We walked about 10 miles altogether. At one point when we were walking towards Babeny house and Mr Deane miss-placed his step and slipped sideways nearly taking out Mr Farmer. The reason Mr Deane slipped was because he was talking about something else and was not looking were he was going. lol
By Tom Gosson


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