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Ten Tors – Training Day 3 Report 10th December 2011

Posted in: 10 Tors, Latest News on Monday, December 12th, 2011

Ten Tors Training Walk 3 report – Saturday 10th December 2011

Training Walk 3 started in South Zeal at the north end of the moor.

The fairly brutal uphill start to the day soon blew away any cobwebs, and the group set a really good pace up towards Cosdon Hill.

After reaching our first checkpoint early at the stone row by Cosdon, the team endured some slightly boggy terrain on our way to Hound Tor, but good attention to detail and concentration on contouring round and sticking to the route prevented most of the team from getting too wet!

From Hound Tor the team continued to ascend, passing Wild tor on the way to Hangingstone Hill, which at 603 metres is officially a mountain, and one of the most remote peaks on Dartmoor. We had a brief lunch break on Hangingstone, but the freezing cold wind prevented us from hanging around for too long.

The remainder of the day saw us making our way steadily back northwards, via Oke Tor and Belstone Common towards our start point at South Zeal.

The group performed very well, and split into three teams to lead each section of the route. The teams were: Ben Tucker, Sam Worth and Tom Gosson; Stuart Pendle, Brett Booth and Matt Stuart; and the girls team was Louise Hambrook, Laura Samways, Laura Hayward and Amy Stevens. Some excellent navigation skills were in evidence, and the students really are beginning to show the necessary level of skill to get around on the moor unaccompanied. As training goes on, we will be giving the group more and more responsibility. Personal equipment was satisfactory, but we all need to kitted out appropriately from now on with boots. A decent layering system, with base layer, fleece and out jacket will also keep people warm. Hats and gloves are also a must.

A great effort team – well done! The next training walk will be Saturday 14th January 2012.

I would also like to send of the order to Highlander by the end of the week, so please can any orders be completed and returned by Thursday 15th December.

Check out the images of the day below.


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