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July/Septmeber Newsletter

Posted in: Latest News on Friday, September 28th, 2012
St James Newsletter July/September Edition

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Staying Safe Online Parents Evening – Tuesday 4th December 17:30-19:00

Posted in: Latest News on Friday, September 28th, 2012
Staying Safe Online Parents Evening – Tuesday 4th December 1730-1900

Staying Safe Online – helping you & your child to think critically and tame the web.

Free Internet safety awareness for parents presentation. An expert from South West Grid for Learning will visit St James school and provide a 90 minute engaging, lively and thought provoking presentation tackling the myriad of issues around our children’s use of the Internet.


This will include

  • The positives and negatives, the advantages of the biggest resource and entertainment library in the world, and disadvantages of using it unwisely or recklessly.
  • Demystifying the technologies and describing how they are used by children and young people.
  • Social networking and privacy, what you (and your children) need to know.
  • Coping strategies, dialogue, resources and ideas – what we can all do.
  • Q+A’s – What questions do you have about Facebook, gaming sites, Skype, etc.

Tuesday 4th December 17:30-19:00


Book your place by emailing stephen.farmer@st-james.devon.sch.uk (Head of New Technologies)


A 2nd Update From Sri Lanka!

Posted in: Latest News on Friday, September 28th, 2012
A 2nd Update From Sri Lanka!

From  Callum:


Hello! just keeping you updated on the latest news over here. Yesterday we went shopping in Negombo and went for a meal at a really nice hotel. After our meal we walked along the beach in search of the biggest hotel swimming pool in Asia! We will be sure to show you a picture when we get back to make you even more jealous! Tomorrow we are traveling up to Kandy to go to an elephant orphanage. See you on Tuesday, Bye!


From Mary:


Yesterday was a great day full of entertainment. During school hours Mrs Pearkes and I watched some dancing it was mind blowing. The first dance was about a monkey and his behaviour and the second was about… well I don’t actually know. After school we went shopping for souvenirs and gifts; the shops we went in represented Sri Lanka very well. In a way I can’t wait to see my family and friends but I really do not want my time in Sri Lanka to end, it has been a great experience so far, and I’m sure I will miss Lakshani , Dihan and Malindu so much. Again thank you so much, bye.


From Mr Anastasiadis:


What an awesome experience.  I cannot emphasise enough how respectful the children are towards their teacher (including us) and how welcoming and generous everyone is.  There is a strange familiarity when it comes to Sri Lanka and its people in Negombo.  It is a Christian area and they very much have a western outlook.  The people I spoke to have very high aspirations based on western education and ideals.

The teaching in St. Josephs and Sri Lanka is very different from the UK. Teaching is textbook based.  The teachers here have been very keen to observe our lessons and we learned from theirs too.

Malindu, Dihan and Lakshani have been absolute stars.  They have been amazing ambassadors for their school and country.  They always have a smile on their face and were happy to share their experiences of our country with their fellow students.

Our students have made us proud as well.  They help in lessons and they have made many friends.

It was funny on the first day when after a lesson all the students came up to us asking for autographs.  Mary in particular said she felt like a pop star.

As expected it is very hot, but not uncomfortably so.

We all look forward to our journey to Kandy tomorrow and to getting back home.


From Lizzie:


Just saying hello to update you on our trip again! I am still having an amazing time here but also missing everyone back home. The day before yesterday we went to a restaurant that was half restaurant half airport organised by one of the priests. It was a very nice buffet, but a lot of the food was quite spicy so I didn’t manage to eat much. Yesterday night we went to another restaurant and I was even more blown away by this one, it was massive open-air hotel restaurant (there were no walls) and it was decorated beautifully. I am looking forward to tomorrow as we are going to an elephant orphanage, I can’t wait!


From Mrs Pearkes:


It has been a wonderful experience for all of us. Every day brings new surprises, like seeing a huge street cleaning lorry whilst driving through town this morning.  We are still surprised by many things and have much to share!


Revision Books September 2012

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revision books sept 2012


Poland Study Trip Letter – May 2013

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Poland Trip letter -for May 2013


An Update From Sri Lanka

Posted in: Latest News on Wednesday, September 26th, 2012
An Update From Sri Lanka

We are doing fine and I am giving the pupils an opportunity here to send a message each:


Greetings from Sri Lanka, I’m having a great time here and an amazing experience, the food is delicious and the people are very kind. It’s very hot and I’m enjoying every moment in the sun while I can, before we travel back to the UK. Every student in the school is very pleased to see us and enjoys having us in their classrooms to observe and help with their lessons, the problem is at the end of the lesson when you get bombarded by kids wanting your autograph! See you soon thank you for this opportunity. Bye!


Greetings from Sri Lanka, I’m having a very good time, the food and people are amazing, and the people are so polite and welcoming. In the welcoming ceremony the whole school was outside waiting for us, and a dance troupe danced backwards as we walked through the middle to the stage. We were then invited to light some candles to celebrate out visit. Unfortunately it then tipped down with rain and we had to rush inside, they were nice enough to resume everything upstairs in their long hall. We then had some more dancing and the senior priest (who is the principle of the school) made a long speech about how thankful they all were for our  partnership. It ended with Mrs Pearkes making a speech about how pleased we are to be here. We are looking forward to the other things that are planned for us.


Sri Lanka has been a big eye opener for all of us and it has been amazing. The hospitality has been remarkable and the students at St Joseph’s are so polite and welcoming. Callum, Lizzie and I just constantly laugh which is great and we always have high spirits even though most of the tiume we are exhausted. The food here is OK but very different. The ice cream is divine. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with sending us to Sri Lanka, I am very grateful. On Wednesday we went to a wildlife park which was great and interesting. We saw lots of different animals and even ones we don’t have in the UK. My favourite animals were the monkeys. They are just hilarious. I wish my time in Sri Lanka will never end but I do miss my family and friends. The weather here is scorching but a handful of times it has rained (I think we brought the British weather with us).  Again thank you.
We are working on delivering a version of the trading game later today.  I have just given an excel lesson to year 5 who responded really well.

Mr Anastasiadis taught an impromptu maths lesson this am as well as a teacher was missing.

We are learning a huge amount about the way the Sri Lankans think and their teaching methods.

Email again soon!

Mrs Pearkes


Parent Pastoral Evening 4th October Letter

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Year 7 students pastoral evening 4 October 2012


Keeley Cummings Shines At Festival4Stars

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Keeley Cummings Shines At Festival4Stars

Keeley Cummings of year ten is to represent the south of England against nine other regions of the U.K. in a prestige’s talent contest called festival4stars in the solo singing category, the heats took place back in June and July and attracted over a thousand entrants. Keeley had to compete in two stages the last of which was held in Poole where she sang a song called Concrete Angel. The finale will be held in Runcorn near Liverpool on the 18th November and will finish with a black tie charity meal and concert, top prize for this event is a record contract and the release of an original single, as you can imagine the standard of competition is very high, previous winners have included Little Mix’s Jade and Faryl Smith who recently signed a 2.3 million pound deal with Universal and in the dance category George Sampson.


St James Open Evening Date and Time

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St James Open Evening Date and Time

Open evening is the 20th September and starts at 6pm and finishes around 8:30pm

The programme includes:

6pm – Welcome by Head Boy/Girl and Deputies

6:10pm – Excerpts from the summer school production “Children of the Blitz”

6:20pm Adress by Mrs Moira Marder, Headteacher

6:40pm – Tours of the school – The head boy and girl will co-ordinate tours for parents and children to all departments, conducted by school prefects and students from years 8 & 9.