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New Term Arrangements

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New Term Arrangement Letter


Year 7 Camp at the MET Office!

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14 Year 7 students had an amazing time camping over night at the MET office on Friday 12th July, learning how to forecast and present the weather as well as meeting BBC 1 weather presenters!  Students also got involved in generating their own clouds, modeling radar and voting for what they considered to be the best job at the MET office.


Music on the Balcony Gallery

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St James Attendance Letter – PLEASE READ

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Attendance Letter


West Town Farm – PSJ Unsung Heroes Reward Trip

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Featured Image PSJUH2013

Friday 9th July                     West Ham Farm (Awards Trip)

On Friday people from year 7, 8, 9 and 10 got nominated to go on an awards trip to West Town Farm. When we arrived at the farm we meet our lovely tour guide Harriet, who showed us around the farm and told us about each animal and how the farm has developed over time. First we had a tractor ride up to the Quarry also this is where we would be having the BBQ.

Next we got off the tractor trailer we walked down towards the pigs and piglets. Alex a member of the farm turned off the electric fencing so we could enter the pig pens to feed, give water and put down new bedding. Harriet and Alex filled up the plastic baskets with food, Daniel and Casper fed the two males on the left, Casey fed the two piglets (which kept escaping from their pen). Simon and Nathan feed the two males on the right and Sarah fed the females. After we had fed the pigs Harriet said that the pigs lay in mud and use it as a sun screen so Casey, Sarah and Simon began dipping their hands into the wallows (mud holes)  taking big handfuls of mud out and covering the pigs back with mud. Next we turned on the hoses washed our hands and filled the baskets with water and poured it in the wallows.

Afterwards we walked down through orchid towards the calf’s and the piglets that had been brought from another farm. The calf’s were laying down in the tall grass and were hard to spot, the new piglets were very small and afraid of people but Harriet said that the other piglets started off like this so they will be fine and become very friendly.

Harriet took us through Railway Cutting and told us the history of the Teign Valley Railway that ran over fifty years ago. Now the Railway is a home of many different species for example there are many badger holes and rabbit holes. Harriet said that bats roam through here at night looking for food and by the looks of the vegetation there are many creatures to choose from.

Next we walked down to the Farmyard and collected the meat for the BBQ we walked back through the orchid and past the pigs to the Quarry were we meet Deggie and her colleague who lit the camp fire and also showed us how to bake cakes only using oranges and the camp fire. At the Quarry we found a rope swing and tepee where we played whiles waiting for the cakes and meat to cook on the fire. Sarah was screaming at the top of her voice when she was on the rope swing because Nathan, Casey and Simon were pushing her as hard as they could to get Sarah higher and higher. Also Sarah thought she was going to hit the tree so was freaking out.

Unfortunately the day had to come to an end but we got another tractor ride down the farm to the farmyard where we said goodbye to Harriet, Alex, Deggie, her colleague, Rusty bear (dog) and Winston (dog).

By Casey Hann (Year 8)


Year 11 Prom 2013

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St James Year 11 Prom photo gallery.


St James Newsletter – June/July 2013

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Attached is the latest St James Newsletter June/July 2013 edition.

St James Newsletter – June/July 2013



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St James School presents Dickens’ children

2012 was the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. Many of the stories and characters are still familiar today and quite often there are TV and film adaptations of his novels. It seemed fitting to celebrate his birth by acting out some of his work particularly as such a large cast were keen to get involved. While researching the play, we discovered that there were huge similarities between Dickens’ England and the England of 2013. Themes such as poverty and deprivation, inner city decay, bankers’ bonuses, pay and working conditions for employees, all cropped up in his books and still have a resonance today. We decided therefore, to give the play a contemporary setting – to create an urban, edgy set complete with modern music, dance and costumes but to use Dickens’ words (give or take a few changes). Times, it seems, haven’t really changed at all!

Please come along to our performance of Dickens’ children being held at St James school on Tuesday 16th, Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th July 2013.


£6 Adult

£4 Children

Tickets are available from the finance office. You can pay by cheque or cash.

If you would like any further information then please call the school on 01392 209922


Institute of Physics event being hosted at St James!

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we are very privileged to be hosting an event with the Institute of Physics on Monday 8th July, 5.15-7pm for year 9 and 10 Students. Parents and older sibling are very welcome to come along too.

Dr Joanne Hutchings is coming to St James to discuss “The cutting edge of medical physics and how it is used to save lives”

She will explain how light can be used to detect disease and how hospitals use science to diagnose, help and treat patients.

This is an excellent opportunity for students taking additional and triple science GCSES next year as medical physics is part of the physics syllabus.


French Residential 2014

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French Residential 2014 Letter – French Residential Letter