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St James Christmas Concert!

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November/December 2013 St James Newsletter

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St James Newsletter November 2013

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London Theatre trip Experience 2013

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Report to Follow…


An evening Christmas entertainment

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The St James 2013 Primary Spelling Bee was a great success!

Posted in: Latest News on Monday, December 16th, 2013

The St James 2013 Primary Spelling Bee was a great success! This year there were 5 teams: Wynstream, Willowbrooke, St Michaels, Newton St Cyres and Whipton Barton.

The teams spelt it out to win the prestigious cup and battled through many rounds including a jumble round and a homophone round! There were many family and friends who came to watch and support-which created a buzzing atmosphere! St James provided a large group of year 8 students to help out with refreshments and they made sure it all ran smoothly!

In the end it was St Michaels that got the prize. Their teacher was so proud and later wrote in to say: ‘it was fantastic and so well run – I know the kids had a great time and the pupils from your school were a true asset!’




Exeter and District V East Devon cross country championships Haldon Forest Weds 4th Dec 2013

Posted in: Latest News on Friday, December 13th, 2013

6 Students from St James were selected from their outstanding performances in the first round of the completion to represent Exeter and District. The students were Aidan King, Matt Smith, Tyler Davis, Erin Romanowski, Gareth Pollard and Caitlin Traynor. Each student ran extremely well in very fast races against some strong competition. Out of these students 3 were selected to compete in the Devon championships to be held in North Devon in January. Matt Smith finished 2nd in his Junior Boys race, Gareth Pollard finished 3rd in the yr 7 boys and Erin finished 11th in the girls race.


Students travel to Denmark to talk about school democracy

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My Danish Experience – An overview

I had a great time in Denmark and stayed with a boy called Jakob and his family. I became close to my host in no time at all, however, that was not what the journey was about. On the first day it was a day of settling in and my host decided to show me around Dronninglund. At the Gymnasium (College) the next day we had a team building activity about how to improve their school. Mt group came up with the idea of an Astroturf so they had an all-weather pitch to play sport on. On the Friday we had to present what we would like to change about our school and we wanted to change the education system itself while the others focused on how they would like to make their schools better with appearance. On the Saturday we had a meal at the school as it was the last day and played a few games. We also danced which was embarrassing and funny. ON the Sunday we left Dronninglund not only with a successful conference but also a relationship with new friends.

By George Ford

Wednesday – The Journey to Denmark

We all met Mrs Thornton at the train station at 6:30 on the 6th November, where we met Mr Farmer on the train. We got the first train to Reading where we stopped for 40 mins before getting another train to Gatwick afterwards. Once we had got off the train, and to the airport we checked in and gave them our baggage. After being offered the first class customs, we got to look at all the shops while we waited for the airplane. We all went to Costa. We got the first airplane which was about an hour long to Copenhagen. After a safe journey we waited an hour and half mins before getting a second airplane, about 20 mins to Abourgh, which was near the places we are staying. When we arrive at the third airport of the day we got our bags. We could al see our hosts sitting and standing behind the glass door waiting for us. Although it was nerve raking we were all really excited. We then separated and went to spend the evening with our hosts to get to know them and their families.

By Mabel Carrier

Thursday – The first day in school

On the second day of the Comenius project, trip to Demark, I was driven to school by my host. They were all older, around eighteen to nineteen, and drove on the different side of the road to us. This was disconcerting but easy to get used to after a while. Their college or ‘gymnasium’, was a much older building that we were used to. After a while we were called to their meeting place, which also happened to be their canteen, and we were spoken to by their head of English, Mia. She was very good at English, as most of them were, and provided us with some useful information on their school before we toured it. One of their most interesting features was their use of student made bricks, personally engraved or manipulated by students that were about to leave the college.

After this we went to the music room where we role plated as different characters to improve their English and try and get to know each other. This was very interesting as the Danes spoke very well, arguing their point eloquently. This meant it was very easy to debate.

Soon enough it was time for lunch, which was very similar to ours only different options. Everything was very expensive but our hosts provided for us. After school we went bowling and had a meal with other hosts and a few students from the school.

By Thea Mellor

Friday – The Conference

On Friday we had to go through our normal school morning routine, get up at 6am. Do everything you need to do by 7:30am and then be ready to go to school by 8am. When we got there we had a whole timetable already set out for us for the day, which included all four schools within the activities. Firstly we had to get through a presentation explaining everything and then move to do our activities. The first activity we did was to learn a dance which had a little singsong to go along with it, which we also had to learn. We rehearsed our presentation and then presented, along with the other schools. The head teacher and deputy gave the feedback. All four countries presented really well and spoke excellent English. Then it was time to go home and get ready for something which they called a ‘cafe’ which was basically a get together held by the school providing music, drinks and food.

By Mehdi Rahman

Saturday – The day of the hosts

St James was the only school chosen to represent England in a Europe-wide Comenius project, and we were fortunate enough to be chosen to take part.

On Saturday we all went our separate ways to spend a day with our host families doing whatever activity they chose. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to join my host, Stine, at an 80th birthday celebration for her grandmother at a castle. We spent most of the morning getting ready and wrapped some presents for her. As it was a relatively formal gathering I had been advised beforehand to wear something nice, such as a dress.

When we arrived at the castle a man greeted us to take our coats, then we continued on into the lounge area to meet Stine’s family. At the school, the Danes spoke excellent English, but some of the older relatives at the party could barely speak a word of English. They would walk up to me and greet me in a very friendly manner, but I didn’t know what to do! I spoke very little Danish, except hello (‘hej’), so I was more than a little lost there in terms of understanding. Thankfully, Stine translated for me so that made things a lot easier.

When we sat down in the dining area and they uncovered many Danish dishes on the table at the end of the room. Everyone had a glass of wine or lemonade and made a toast in Danish to Stine’s grandmother. After this, the guests made their way up table by table to get some food. There was a large range of meals available, from pork lasagne to prawn salad; it was nothing like an English buffet! It seems that it is typical Danish etiquette to have second helpings, even if you’re full already.

Throughout the night there were around six or more toasts to Stine’s grandmother and several people made speeches. At the end, we all sang a song (in Danish of course) about her that was composed by one of the family members. Lastly, everyone went in to the lounge room to talk before leaving for home. Lots of people wanted to speak to me (both in Danish and English) to ask about the project and what I thought of Denmark, they all seemed to be very interested!

The party lasted for about 6 hours in the end, so Stine and I had to rush to reach the school’s farewell party on time (where there would be even MORE food!).

By Sophia Jenkins

Saturday Evening – The farewell party

On the Saturday evening we were invited back to the school for an evening of food and games. This started at 7pm. First of all we all had a traditional Danish buffet with our host families. After this we had to sing a traditional Danish song. After a round of canon singing the traditional Danish song we were told to go to the sports hall were a session of dancing was prepared for us. This dance is the dance that the Danish students dance on their equivalent to prom. This included a lot of laughs and jokes as guests tried to get it right. Once this was over it was time for the game of gifts! The table you were sat on had been given a dice and you were to roll it until a six was thrown. Then that person would be able to take a gift from the pile in the middle of the table. After an allotted amount of time you were allowed to take gifts from other people on your table, but only if you rolled a six. This led to some frantic dice rolling as everybody tried to get a gift. Once over we went home to enjoy the last night with our host families.

Sunday – The return journey

On Sunday morning we arrived at the airport at 11:15 and said goodbye to our host families. We bought some souvenirs at the airport and go on the plane at 13:15. We were on the plane for about an hour and a half and then we arrived back in England. We went to collect our bags and then we made our way to the train station. We were on the train for about an hour and then we arrived at Reading where we meet Mrs Vine as she returned from a shopping trip. We got on the next train, which was very busy, and all had to sit separately for the last 3 hours of our trip. We arrived at Exeter St David’s at 5pm where we met our families and went home.

By Avigayl Kahana


The Great St James Book Swap!

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The Great St James Book Swap 2013

New date- Wed 18th December

What is it?

The Book Swap gives you the chance to swap a book you’ve finished for a brand new, exciting book just in time for the Christmas holidays.

You can bring in any book you no longer want, as long as it is in good condition and suitable for the students/ adults at St James. Although we all  love The Hungry Caterpillar, it might not be quite what we’re looking for!

How does it work?

•Bring in books for the book swap to Miss Newton in F33 or to your normal English teacher.
•You’ll get a token for each book you bring to use on the Book Swap day. You could end up with lots of new books.
•If you can bring books in on the day!

What type of book could you bring in?

•Any fiction books that you have read in the last couple of years.
•Your Book Buzz/ Booked up books you got in Year 7. You could swap it for another one.
•Any non fiction books you’ve read, enjoyed but don’t want any more.
•Any books your parents have read, and think are suitable for the book swap. Teachers will be joining in as well.



St James Xmas Dinner 12th December

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xmas dinner

Thursday 12th December – Christmas lunch. Staggered . Music to be provided by year 9’s.

  • Yrs 7&8 + school governors – 12.30 to 13.00
  • Yrs 9&10 – 13.00 to 13.30
  • Yr 11 & staff – 13.30 – 14.00

Christmas Nativity Carol Service Sunday 22nd December

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Nativity Advert

Please join for a Community Carol Service – Sunday 22nd December Service 5pm-6pm at St James School

Mulled Wine & Mince Pies after Service.

Option for children to come dressed as a nativity character.