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Devon Athletics Championship 2014

Posted in: Latest News on Tuesday, June 17th, 2014
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On Saturday 14th June Tyler Davis and Matt Smith represented Exeter and east Devon in the 3rd round of the English schools Athletics champs at Braunton. Tyler recorded a new PB of 39.6 secs finishing first in his 300m race. Matt Smith had a very tough 1500m race in soaring temps and he finished third in a very quick race. Both boys will now represent Devon next Sat at Yeovil. Today we will find out if their times are fast enough to make the National schools final in Birmingham on July 12th.

See the images here: https://plus.google.com/117339413787987623123/posts/VbTrCUJJxc9


Polish Lunch

Posted in: Latest News on Wednesday, June 11th, 2014
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One of the most exciting things about St James is the multicultural diversity within our school and local community. All our students, from every background whether local to Exeter or from distant countries, have something valuable to contribute from their own cultures. One of the great ways to celebrate different cultures is through food, always popular with everyone!

On Monday 9th June a small group of students from Polish backgrounds cooked and sold traditional Polish food at lunchtime. They made a variety of sweet and savoury dishes made with ingredients from some of the Polish shops in Exeter, and demonstrated that their country has some delicious food. How great they have brought this cultural gift to Exeter with their families and we can enjoy it too!

We chose to do this at this time to link to a Polish festival, ‘The Day of the Child’, also celebrated in some other European countries – perhaps this is another tradition we could pick up from them!

We are hoping to do more of these types of activity involving food and celebrations from other parts of the world.

Helen Stephenson – Ethnic Minority Achievement Coordinator

‘Ewelina Śmigiera (ISCA Church Youth worker) helped out with the event and offered these comments, ‘This lunch time was a great opportunity to share a little bit of Polish culture with other students and school staff. Everyone enjoyed all the preparations in the kitchen beforehand and the fact the food went down very well was a good success. The food we’ve made is known as a traditional in Poland. People could taste: dumplings with mushroom and sour cabbage, apple pancakes, cheese cake, muffins, Karpatka cake and traditional Polish crisps.

Sam Buck (ISCA Church Youth Worker) who also helped wanted to add the following, ‘We’ve been involved with the Polish students since September and as part of the Polish Club we run on a Monday lunchtime we all decided it would be a great idea to raise awareness of the Polish culture. We decided to do this through the means of selling Polish food traditionally eaten in Poland over a lunchtime. This went down really well, all the Polish student pitched in with making the food, selling and washing up afterwards. A huge thank you to all those who helped out and let us do it, I felt like it was a great success and it’s great to hear about other nationalities who now would like to do something similar.

As you can see the students had fun making the food and our students and staff really enjoyed eating it.